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May 2011 Santa Monica homes for sales and condos too! What’s the market doing?

by WestsideDB June 1, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Santa Monica real estate is a fluid and efficient engine that seems to be in constant flux. If you are considering selling your Santa Monica home or buying a Santa Monica deal, check out this video for info on Santa Monica absorption rates and what is happening in our local market.

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The Secret to Finding the Right Home and Something to Look Out For

by WestsideDB December 22, 2010 Homebuyer Seminars

This may sound canned, but……..honestly, the real secret to finding any home is finding the right Realtor to work with.   There, I said it! Buyers usually look for homes, and not an agent.  By choosing the right agent, you can find out about properties BEFORE they even come on the market.  And you can [...]

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Santa Monica Real Estate Agents Doorknocking – Comedy for Once!

by WestsideDB November 2, 2010 Humor

I have met a lot of you because I knock on doors the old fashioned way and ask if you have any real estate needs and if you have houses for sale in Santa Monica California.  Here in Sunset Park, there are a lot of agents running around, often times pissing off the neighbors because [...]

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