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Best places to buy in Los Angeles as an investor

by WestsideDB May 8, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

If I were thinking of buying and holding for five years minimum, looking for a potential recovery and turn-around in the real estate market, I would look in the following areas: 90016 Mid- Los Angeles The average price per foot is below current construction costs.  If you ask any contractor worth their salt, they can [...]

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The Most Stable Areas of Los Angeles’ Housing Market

by WestsideDB May 6, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Three areas stick out the most when I analyze the market trends from this first quarter of 2011 to last years first quarter.  The most stable areas that I see are: Palms/Mar Vista Hollywood Hills West Hollywood Condos These trends and analysis are from statistics from all of the areas of LA. Are you wondering [...]

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Want Money Back from the City to Upgrade your Home? Energy Upgrade California is launching in Santa Monica

by WestsideDB April 24, 2011 Community Issues

Hey Santa Monica homeowners! There’s a great new program coming out for Santa Monica homeowners interested in being Green and saving money in the long run – Its being hosted by EcoMotion at the Santa Monica Main Library on the evening of Tuesday, April 26th.  It is a kick-off event for the Energy Upgrade California [...]

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The Secret Walk Streets of Santa Monica – Historical Hollister Court

by WestsideDB January 12, 2011 Historic District

Hollister Court in Santa Monica, California 90405 is arguably one of the most lovely gated walk streets in Santa Monica that rarely comes up for sale (there’s a pocket lease there that will be public in a month or two – call me for details $4000/month).  Celebrities like Julia Roberts have owned homes here and [...]

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September Santa Monica Real Estate Review

by WestsideDB October 4, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Looking back on September and the previous months allows me to trend what’s been happening in the local real estate market – it can help you too if you are trending and looking to time the sale of your home, or decide when is a good time to buy.  Absorption rate is the number of [...]

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Today’s Westside Gems on Broker Caravan

by WestsideDB August 31, 2010 Fresh Listings on Great Homes

Tuesday is the day I run around and look at the inventory on the Westside for my clients.  Buyers like to know about properties before they come on the market or when I preview it for them and let them know about a great deal.  Sellers I represent like to know about new properties that [...]

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Santa Monica Based “Good Life” Has a New Project Sure to Fly Off the Shelves

by WestsideDB August 13, 2010 Events

If you are looking for a deal in Mar Vista, look no further.  The good folks at Good Life Enterprises have a new project and again, have hit it out of the park.  4333 Coolidge Ave in Mar Vista!  This incredibly well priced home is for sale at $695,000. Its a 4 bedroom, 2 bath [...]

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Santa Monica Homes for Sale April 2010 Wrap Up – Crawling and Sprinting

by WestsideDB May 3, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Watching the real estate market here in Santa Monica is kind of like watching a slug make its way across the street. You gotta be patient because you might miss something. And then there are those times where you gotta sprint to the finish line because timing is everything. Let’s look at the monthly data [...]

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An entire Santa Monica block for sale – well, almost

by WestsideDB July 21, 2009 ocean park real estate

I was out on Tuesday for broker caravan and saw something I haven’t seen in awhile – four or more signs next to each other on 5th.  In the distance of the photo is the corner where you have two lots next to each other which are complete tear downs (one just sold). 3rd in [...]

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How easy is it to walk in Santa Monica?

by WestsideDB July 10, 2009 Events

There’s a great website called that will allow you to enter in your address and see how walk-able your neighborhood is.  The site takes into consideration local amenities, schools, restaurants, parks and more. See how your Santa Monica’s zip codes compare: 90401 – 98/100 – walker’s paradise 90402 – 65/100 – somewhat walk-able 90403 [...]

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Santa Monica Ocean Park home for sale by owner

by WestsideDB July 8, 2009 Fresh Listings on Great Homes

Another FSBO in Ocean Park with a price tag of $1,937,500.  The price of admission gets you a 4 bedroom, 2 bath (with a whirlpool!) west facing home six blocks from the beach.  Originally built in 1923, the master bath has a private bath with a changing area and a private deck with ocean views.  [...]

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Eco-Friendly Green Home For Sale By Owner in Sunset Park

by WestsideDB July 8, 2009 Fresh Listings on Great Homes

This incredibly well done home for sale in Santa Monica is going to make someone very happy.  The owners have painstakingly redone this place with 14′ vaulted ceilings, double paned windows with urban views, blue-jean insulation, and incredible custom woodwork throughout.  At 1700 sq ft, on a 5000 ft lot, 3 bedroom, 2 bath and [...]

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