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Westside Real Estate Analysis for the last Ten Years – Are we over the worst of it?

by WestsideDB July 16, 2011 Culver City Information

As many of you readers know, I like to blend my blog posts a bit from cool things to do on the Westside, real estate stuff, some video for flavor and occasional goings-on in my neighborhood that I think other people should know about. I got really excited about doing this Santa Monica real estate [...]

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Keller Williams Survey – Latest Buyer and Seller Statistics and Strategies

by WestsideDB January 22, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

My company, Keller Williams has all sorts of good stuff to share, like this video. If you are a buyer in this market, or considering selling your home, you should take a minute and see the results from a recent survey. There’s compelling stuff in here. And of course, call me if you have a [...]

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Santa Monica Homes of Distinction on Caravan

by WestsideDB October 7, 2010 Events

Being a real estate agent, I get to see a lot of homes and some are dumps and some are just fabulous.  It’s fun to see how other people live and compare value, location, and price.  Here are three Santa Monica homes for sale that I saw that I wanted to share with you, mostly [...]

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September Santa Monica Real Estate Review

by WestsideDB October 4, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Looking back on September and the previous months allows me to trend what’s been happening in the local real estate market – it can help you too if you are trending and looking to time the sale of your home, or decide when is a good time to buy.  Absorption rate is the number of [...]

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Caravan Gems in Santa Monica & the Westside

by WestsideDB September 17, 2010 Events

I moved recently and have had some spotty internet at my new place so my posts have been a bit remiss.  In an effort to catch up with Tuesday’s madness, here’s what I should have posted: I saw a bunch of homes all over the Westside of LA, and these really stood out: 1. 402 [...]

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August Santa Monica Real Estate Recap

by WestsideDB September 3, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

I get kind of excited at the end of the month.  I know, I’m a little weird because I enjoy things like Excel and Numbers and creating things that the eye can easily digest when it comes to real estate figures.  And at the end of the month, I am compelled to do a calculation [...]

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Today’s Westside Gems on Broker Caravan

by WestsideDB August 31, 2010 Fresh Listings on Great Homes

Tuesday is the day I run around and look at the inventory on the Westside for my clients.  Buyers like to know about properties before they come on the market or when I preview it for them and let them know about a great deal.  Sellers I represent like to know about new properties that [...]

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Santa Monica Based “Good Life” Has a New Project Sure to Fly Off the Shelves

by WestsideDB August 13, 2010 Events

If you are looking for a deal in Mar Vista, look no further.  The good folks at Good Life Enterprises have a new project and again, have hit it out of the park.  4333 Coolidge Ave in Mar Vista!  This incredibly well priced home is for sale at $695,000. Its a 4 bedroom, 2 bath [...]

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July in Santa Monica Real Estate Officially Heats Up

by WestsideDB August 3, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Even though the June gloom seems to not exactly be burning off this summer season, the Real Estate Market is heating up quite nicely.  I’ve been pouring over data about Santa Monica real estate and have found that our absorption rate is rapidly climbing month over month since January 1.  What’s Absorption Rate?  Its the [...]

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Mortise the Tortoise Found Today on Open House Caravan

by WestsideDB July 6, 2010 Humor

I was out today looking at homes for sale and found this poor guy.  He is entering his golden years (he’s 50) and will need a home soon.  I believe he’s an African tortoise and he’s about two feet wide. The owners have a short sale on their hands and will be unable to take [...]

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This Month in Real Estate June 2010

by WestsideDB June 24, 2010 Santa Monica real estate

A great primer on short sales and what’s happening in real estate on a national level.

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Santa Monica Homes for Sale April 2010 Wrap Up – Crawling and Sprinting

by WestsideDB May 3, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Watching the real estate market here in Santa Monica is kind of like watching a slug make its way across the street. You gotta be patient because you might miss something. And then there are those times where you gotta sprint to the finish line because timing is everything. Let’s look at the monthly data [...]

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March 2010 Stats for Santa Monica Homes for Sale

by WestsideDB April 6, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Last Month’s Santa Monica homes for sale stats show some interesting activity.  1 in 3 homes sold last month and almost half are pending while still, very little inventory exists on the market.  This data is for all of Santa Monica, including the luxury market North and South of Montana.  If you are interested in [...]

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Santa Monica Feburary Real Estate Statistics

by WestsideDB March 7, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

While keeping in mind February only has 28 days this year, the monthly stats for real estate sold and for sale in Santa Monica is pretty low.  Take a look at these numbers from the Multiple Listing Service: So only 12 homes sold last month.  With 29 active, the market activity is off from last [...]

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Santa Monica Homes for Sale Hits an Interesting Turn

by WestsideDB October 5, 2009 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

If you’ve been paying any attention to real estate trends of late, you know that it’s as Yogi Berra said, “The future ain’t what it used to be”.  Indeed, this economic turn of events has taken everyone by surprise and given us cause for introspection and an opportunity to change direction.  I know so many [...]

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July Stats for Santa Monica Homes for Sale

by WestsideDB August 30, 2009 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

July has been an interesting month for houses for sale in Santa Monica.  We’re seeing the sold numbers closer to the active listings which is always a sign.  Usually, the active listings far outweigh the sold properties.  And to boot, the sold price vs the listed price was almost 91%.  Which tells us downward pressure [...]

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July’s Santa Monica Stats for Homes for Sale

by WestsideDB August 4, 2009 Santa Monica real estate

Hmmmm, interesting.  Only 21 active listings in all of Santa Monica, yet 16 sold in July.  While I find these stats great for Santa Monica real estate as a whole, when you look at specific neighborhoods, you can get a different picture altogether.  If you are concerned about the value of your home, click here [...]

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June Home Stats for Santa Monica Real Estate

by WestsideDB July 6, 2009 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

37 active 7 in backup positions 12 pending 21 sold Not a lot of activity in the single family market for Santa Monica.  Only 21 homes sold in June with an average price per foot sold at $824.45 a foot.  Inventory took a bit longer to sell than the condo market with an average of [...]

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