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Westside Real Estate Analysis for the last Ten Years – Are we over the worst of it?

by WestsideDB July 16, 2011 Culver City Information

As many of you readers know, I like to blend my blog posts a bit from cool things to do on the Westside, real estate stuff, some video for flavor and occasional goings-on in my neighborhood that I think other people should know about. I got really excited about doing this Santa Monica real estate [...]

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365 Things to Do in Santa Monica and The Westside of Los Angeles – Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk

by WestsideDB May 31, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

Venice Beach California not only has some of the most incredible selections of Venice real estate, it has one of the biggest tourist draws – Venice Beach boardwalk.  On the south end of the beach, is the Washington Pier and as you cruise on up north, like in this video, you can take in the [...]

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Prediction: Celebrity & Wealthy homes sold quietly off the market to increase

by WestsideDB May 4, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

People are always asking me about pocket listings and quiet sales and the fact of the matter is that in this market, not a lot of pocket listings get sold.  However, I believe that there is a higher percentage of properties being sold off market, quietly that don’t show up in the MLS. Here’s my [...]

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May Calendar of Events for Santa Monica – FOSP Friends of Sunset Park

by WestsideDB May 2, 2011 Community Issues

City of Santa Monica Event Calendar: Santa Monica Public Library May Calendar: May 1 — Cinco de Mayo Fiesta! — Virginia Avenue Park — 12 to 5 PM May 1 to 28 — “Sand in the Air” — Fridays & Saturdays at 8 PM, Sundays at 2 PM – Morgan-Wixson Theatre/Santa Monica [...]

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365 Things to do in Santa Monica – The Santa Monica Library is a LEED Certified Building

by WestsideDB April 25, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

As a Santa Monica GREEN certified Realtor, and confessed tree hugger, I love that my fair city, Santa Monica has taken initiatives towards sustainability and green building.  The downtown Santa Monica Library is a wonderful example of a healthy building that was completed just a few years ago.  I went there recently to pick up [...]

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Want Money Back from the City to Upgrade your Home? Energy Upgrade California is launching in Santa Monica

by WestsideDB April 24, 2011 Community Issues

Hey Santa Monica homeowners! There’s a great new program coming out for Santa Monica homeowners interested in being Green and saving money in the long run – Its being hosted by EcoMotion at the Santa Monica Main Library on the evening of Tuesday, April 26th.  It is a kick-off event for the Energy Upgrade California [...]

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April Calendar for Things to Do in Santa Monica -Friends Of Sunset Park FOSP

by WestsideDB April 8, 2011 Community Issues

Here’s the list of activities and events in Santa Monica this month… April 1 – Spring Band Concert – Samohi – 7 PM – The Concert Winds, Concert Band, Symphonic Winds, and Wind Ensemble will perform under the direction of Michael J. Corrigan and Terry Sakow – Barnum Hall, Santa Monica High School April 1 [...]

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Santa Monica Development in the works – Bergamot Transit Village Center

by WestsideDB March 21, 2011 Community Issues

I just got an email alert about a proposed mega-center multi use project in Santa Monica that will have ramifications on a lot of things happening in Santa Monica.  Santa Monica real estate aficionados may want to make note of the date and the proposal.  Check it out if you can. Dear david bruce, Bergamot [...]

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Single Bag Ban ENFORCEMENT coming soon – Will it be Martial Law in Santa Monica?

by WestsideDB March 14, 2011 Green

Santa Monica City Council unanimously passed a new law to prohibit single use plastic and paper bags in Santa Monica on February 8, 2011. I think it’s a pretty good idea and now, they’re planning on ENFORCING the law starting September 1, 2011. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been bringing my bags to [...]

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Santa Monica Real Estate Values Over the Past Ten Years

by WestsideDB March 9, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

  I’ve been hearing a lot about us being at the bottom of the housing bubble and Santa Monica homes for sale seem to still be a valuable and sought after commodity. Alright, maybe commodity is the wrong word – sometimes people buy Santa Monica homes because they want to live near the beach, be [...]

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# 24 WestsideDB’s 365 Things To Do on the Westside – Solstice Canyon Hike – Caution! Waterfalls are Pretty

by WestsideDB February 24, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

Occasionally I’ll take a Sunday off from hosting open houses for homes for sale in West LA and spend some time with the family and just plain old good exercise.  Today we went up to Solstice Canyon which I had just heard about a month prior from another real estate buddy.  (Are there really any [...]

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Calendar for February 2011 for Santa Monica and Friends of Sunset Park

by WestsideDB February 14, 2011 FOSP

I’m a huge fan of neighborhood organizations and especially Friends of Sunset Park and I get these great alerts about things that are happening in my backyard.  Here’s the new list: Calendar for February 2011: February 1 — SMC Board of Trustees – 7 PM – Business Building, Rm. 117 – Agenda: February 2 [...]

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#23 Westside DB’s 365 Things To Do in Santa Monica – Annenberg Community House Beach Tour

by WestsideDB February 11, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE “Back at the Beach” next to the Annenberg Community House! My own secret “country club” that my family and I can enjoy for hours at a very reasonable rate.  I wrote about it awhile ago for spring break, which is now just around the corner again.  It’s [...]

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#22 Westside DB’s 365 Things To Do in Santa Monica – Surfing at Venice Pier and Ocean Front Walk

by WestsideDB February 10, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

One of the most relaxing things that you can do for yourself is to take a stroll down to Venice Pier in Venice (obviously) where Washington Blvd intersects Ocean Front Walk. Gorgeous views, relaxing atmosphere, fresh air… It’s just a great place to go and where I often get my own juices flowing, therefore, it [...]

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#21 Westside DB’s 365 Things To Do in Santa Monica – Venice Canals Home Tour in Los Angeles

by WestsideDB January 24, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

There are few places on the Westside more beautiful than floating down the Venice Canals and checking out the amazing million dollar homes from the water. You haven’t done it before? No problem, let me take you on a quick tour with the video that I shot earlier this week. Get ready to start dreamin’!

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Keller Williams Survey – Latest Buyer and Seller Statistics and Strategies

by WestsideDB January 22, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

My company, Keller Williams has all sorts of good stuff to share, like this video. If you are a buyer in this market, or considering selling your home, you should take a minute and see the results from a recent survey. There’s compelling stuff in here. And of course, call me if you have a [...]

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#20 WestsideDB’s 365 things to do in Santa Monica and the Westside – Gourmet Food Trucks on 31st Street

by WestsideDB January 17, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

I’m always looking for interesting and unique things going on in the area and today was no different, I ran across these great “food trucks” (for lack of a better word) that have all sorts of variety to choose from for just about any appetite. Check out my quick video below and have a look [...]

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The Secret Walk Streets of Santa Monica – Historical Hollister Court

by WestsideDB January 12, 2011 Historic District

Hollister Court in Santa Monica, California 90405 is arguably one of the most lovely gated walk streets in Santa Monica that rarely comes up for sale (there’s a pocket lease there that will be public in a month or two – call me for details $4000/month).  Celebrities like Julia Roberts have owned homes here and [...]

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#19 WestsideDB’s 365 things to do in Santa Monica and the Westside – Hiking Temescal Canyon

by WestsideDB January 8, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

I’m WestsideDB and I sell homes in Santa Monica California as well as all over the Westside of Los Angeles.  Many of the things that I treasure the most about this area are within a short walk or drive to the Westside and today, my evolving series on “365 Things to Do in Santa Monica [...]

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#18 – 365 Things to Do in Santa Monica and the Westside – Recycle your Christmas Tree!

by WestsideDB January 4, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

Santa Monica real estate is typically pretty slow around the holidays, so I went away on vacation with the family and grew a beard in the process (more on that later). I really wanted to rent a living tree and got out-voted this year, so we went for the small version to keep the kids [...]

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