Santa Monica

by WestsideDB

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Lifestyle. Beachside Living. Sustainability. Great Schools. These are just some of the reasons why Santa Monica residents love their town. It’s the people who call this home that really make it a special place to live.

An excerpt:


For simplicity’s sake, we’ll look at the five zip codes and then define the areas more clearly as is fitting.

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Boundaries: Defined by south of Wilshire to Pico Blvd, from the ocean to Lincoln Blvd and parts of 12th.
2008 SFR Ave Sold Price: Only one single family home sold (on the beach for 5.9 million!)
2008 Condo Ave Sold Price: The average condo price for 2008 was $642,333 ($592/ft)
Description: This is the downtown area of Santa Monica, comprised of predominantly businesses, retail, commercial, and multi-family units. This is also the area where the proposed light rail system connecting all of LA will have its final stop at 4th and Colorado.

Boundaries: Adelaide Dr to Montana, 26th to the ocean
2008 SFR Ave Sold Price: $3,101,265 ($882 a sq ft)
2008 Condo Ave Sold Price: $1,492,904 ($917 a ft)
Description: The upper end of Santa Monica real estate. Comprised predominantly of single-family residences and condos. As of June 2009, 1.6 million can buy you a tear down. Condos in this zip code tend to be found within two blocks of Ocean Ave.
Neighborhood Organizations: The North of Montana Association

Boundaries: Montana Ave to Wilshire, from Centinela to the beach.
2008 SFR Ave Sold Price: $1,885,619 ($845 a ft).
2008 Condo Ave Sold Price: $798,806 ($619 a ft)
Description: The North of Wilshire corridor. A higher concentration of condos are to be found in this area which lends a different vibe that many people find closer to city-like living.
Neighborhood Organizations: Wilshire/Montana Neighborhood Coalition

Boundaries: Wilshire to Pico, Centinela to 12th and Lincoln (it jogs a bit on Colorado)
2008 SFR Ave Sold Price: $987,625 ($571.76.ft)
2008 Condo Ave Sold Price: $596,144 ($509/ft)
Description: This zip code is a mix of multi-unit buildings, condos, and some single-family homes throughout.
Neighborhood Organizations: The Pico Neighborhood Association

Boundaries: Pico to the Santa Monica airport, from Bundy to the ocean
2008 SFR Ave Sold Price: $1,220,517 ($719/ft)
2008 Condo Ave Sold Price: $796,139 ($594.33/ft)
Description: Ocean Park is a denser area of Santa Monica that is bordered by Venice to the South, Pico to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west and Lincoln to the east. Lot sizes here are relatively smaller in size comparatively speaking, with a higher concentration of multi-family dwellings as well.

Sunset Park is comprised of single family and multi-family units on fairly sized lots 5000-8000 sq ft, this area of Santa Monica is bordered by the SM airport to the south, Pico Blvd to the north, Lincoln to the east, and Bundy to the west. Most homes here were built in the 1930s with predominant traditional styles throughout.

Neighborhood Organizations: Ocean Park Association, Friends of Sunset Park

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