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Where all the tourists end up

Principals: I love blogging about real estate and helping people with their real estate needs.  I also happen to be an environmentalist, social media strategist, father, lifestyle enthusiast, Santa Monica resident, and the type of person who likes to share.

I believe that no matter what you do for a living, you can contribute to society and change the world at large even through simple means.  It requires being positive.  And if you read some of the other blogs about Santa Monica real estate (and you know who you are!) you see the negative tone to the content and the comments.  I got tired of that.

Being a rather positive person, I wanted to create a gathering place where people who love Santa Monica can have a place for their voices to be heard, regardless of the topic.

This place is YOUR place.  It doesn’t have to be about real estate – but it does have to be about Santa Monica.

We invite you to make it what you want it to be based on your input and energy.  We encourage you to be a guest blogger, contribute to the conversation, or just read what’s going on in this fabulous city we call Home.  I practice real estate because I love it and like to talk about it.  What do you want to talk about?  Here’s your place to do so.  Drive traffic to your site, talk about your life, and mostly, contribute.  Overt advertisements and commercial interests encouraged not to apply.

Rules:  Be nice.  No bad words.  Be positive and everyone can get along.  Encourage others and we can all benefit.  If you have questions, ask the admin.  He’s a nice guy who gets along with just about everybody.

Oh yeah.  And have fun.

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