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Sunset Park Real Estate

May 2011 Santa Monica homes for sales and condos too! What’s the market doing?

by WestsideDB June 1, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Santa Monica real estate is a fluid and efficient engine that seems to be in constant flux. If you are considering selling your Santa Monica home or buying a Santa Monica deal, check out this video for info on Santa Monica absorption rates and what is happening in our local market.

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Best places to buy in Los Angeles as an investor

by WestsideDB May 8, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

If I were thinking of buying and holding for five years minimum, looking for a potential recovery and turn-around in the real estate market, I would look in the following areas: 90016 Mid- Los Angeles The average price per foot is below current construction costs.  If you ask any contractor worth their salt, they can [...]

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Santa Monica Real Estate Values Over the Past Ten Years

by WestsideDB March 9, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

  I’ve been hearing a lot about us being at the bottom of the housing bubble and Santa Monica homes for sale seem to still be a valuable and sought after commodity. Alright, maybe commodity is the wrong word – sometimes people buy Santa Monica homes because they want to live near the beach, be [...]

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April 2010 This Month in Real Estate

by WestsideDB April 23, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends
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Name this Sunset Park House and Win a Starbucks Gift Card

by WestsideDB March 31, 2010 Humor

I was doorknocking the neighborhood for clients of mine who are looking to buy in Sunset Park and found this sign on the front door. While I completely empathize and respect their wishes, I thought it would be fun to see if anyone knew this house, especially since it won’t involve paper on their doorstep [...]

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Santa Monica Sunset Park Fixers – And an Opportunity for the Right Homeowner

by WestsideDB March 20, 2010 Fresh Listings on Great Homes

I smell opportunity.  Whenever I see homes like these two, I know that someone with an ounce of smarts and know-how can turn these traditional Sunset Park homes into a gem.  Real estate for sale in Santa Monica can have all sorts of flavors – and these two need some love to bring them to [...]

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Santa Monica Sunset Park For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Fixer

by WestsideDB July 20, 2009 FSBO Listings

Another great opportunity for someone who wants to buy in Sunset Park and isn’t afraid of doing a little work.  This home has been in the family for decades and they are now selling.  Here are the bullet points: 3 bedrooms 3 baths 2300 sq ft approx 9500 sq ft lot approx Fireplace, detached garage, [...]

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Eco-Friendly Green Home For Sale By Owner in Sunset Park

by WestsideDB July 8, 2009 Fresh Listings on Great Homes

This incredibly well done home for sale in Santa Monica is going to make someone very happy.  The owners have painstakingly redone this place with 14′ vaulted ceilings, double paned windows with urban views, blue-jean insulation, and incredible custom woodwork throughout.  At 1700 sq ft, on a 5000 ft lot, 3 bedroom, 2 bath and [...]

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