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#23 Westside DB’s 365 Things To Do in Santa Monica – Annenberg Community House Beach Tour

by WestsideDB February 11, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE “Back at the Beach” next to the Annenberg Community House! My own secret “country club” that my family and I can enjoy for hours at a very reasonable rate.  I wrote about it awhile ago for spring break, which is now just around the corner again.  It’s [...]

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#20 WestsideDB’s 365 things to do in Santa Monica and the Westside – Gourmet Food Trucks on 31st Street

by WestsideDB January 17, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

I’m always looking for interesting and unique things going on in the area and today was no different, I ran across these great “food trucks” (for lack of a better word) that have all sorts of variety to choose from for just about any appetite. Check out my quick video below and have a look [...]

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#17 WestsideDB’s 365 Things to Do in Santa Monica – Michael’s Restaurant

by WestsideDB December 16, 2010 Dining

I have a few guilty pleasures. Michael’s is one of them. Simply because something this good should only be sampled once in a while, so as to not dilute the experience. But, go ahead, you NEED to go… Exquisite isn’t the word, it’s much more than that! Indulge and enjoy it!

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#12 WestsideDB’s 365 Things to Do in Santa Monica – Santa Monica Place

by WestsideDB October 21, 2010 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

I’ve been avoiding the Santa Monica place until the hub-bub died off.  When it opened last month it seemed like everyone in Santa Monica was swarming the downtown area.  Finally, I got a chance to check out this open air mall and have to say I am impressed.  I’ve never been one for shopping, but [...]

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10 Best Things Near 4333 Coolidge Ave Mar Vista

by WestsideDB September 18, 2010 Dining

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the neighborhood around our newest listing in Mar Vista – 4333 Coolidge Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066.  In an effort to let everyone know about some of our top picks, we’ve compiled our top ten list of why you should buy this house and start loving where [...]

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#6 WestsideDB’s 365 Things to Do In Santa Monica – The Promenade

by WestsideDB September 17, 2010 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

The Santa Monica Promenade is a pedestrian friendly shopping mecca for Santa Monican’s and tourists alike (I’d like to see the numbers, and I would guess locals are a pretty small percentage except for Farmer’s Market days). Stroll down the three block long area from Wilshire Blvd to Broadway Ave and discover local stores and [...]

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10 Best Things About Living at 2646 29th St Santa Monica

by WestsideDB September 13, 2010 Dining

I’ve had this great listing in Sunset Park Santa Monica now for about a month and have had a bunch of questions about it.  Granted, this is a higher price point for Sunset Park because its square footage and architectural significance set it apart from the pack, but time and time again, I seem to [...]

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#4 – WestsideDB’s 365 Things to Do in Santa Monica – Bay Cities Italian Deli

by WestsideDB September 7, 2010 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

I gotta hand it to the owners of this wonderful deli.  There is always a line at the lunch hour and its worth the wait to have a submarine sandwich on the world’s best bread.  (this guy doesn’t think too highly of it, but I digress and disagree) I think its some sort of Filone [...]

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Cha Cha Chicken is ChaChing! Best Bets for the Beach

by WestsideDB September 17, 2009 Beach Activities

I had the distinct pleasure to stay home with the kids today since they were feeling a little under the weather the night previous.  A romp at the Santa Monica beach, and then a block straight up Pico Blvd for some free parking at Cha Cha Chicken to soothe the hungry beasts. I haven’t been [...]

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