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New Santa Monica listing at 2646 29th Street

by WestsideDB July 31, 2010 Fresh Listings on Great Homes

Leave a comment to guess the final sales price and win this cool eco friendly gift.

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2646 29th St Santa Monica Home for Sale Contest

by WestsideDB July 26, 2010 Santa Monica home prices

We have a contest going for our new listing on 2646 29th St Santa Monica in Sunset Park.  All you have to do is guess the final sales price and win this eco-friendly gift basket worth over $150 from Green Life on Main St. Plus, you get a fabulous bottle of David Bruce wine, from [...]

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Mortise the Tortoise Found Today on Open House Caravan

by WestsideDB July 6, 2010 Humor

I was out today looking at homes for sale and found this poor guy.  He is entering his golden years (he’s 50) and will need a home soon.  I believe he’s an African tortoise and he’s about two feet wide. The owners have a short sale on their hands and will be unable to take [...]

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Cool Ebook on How to Buy a Home in Santa Monica

by WestsideDB June 30, 2010 Events

Check out this Santa Monica link for a completely free download of how to buy a home in Santa Monica or anywhere on the westside.  All you need to do is follow the link and put in your name.  One click and how to purchase a Santa Monica home or condo is demystified and explained [...]

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Santa Monica Broker’s Caravan Wet Dream

by WestsideDB June 29, 2010 Beach Activities

I wish I could figure out how to spend a week in this place for sale.  I mean, I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of the insides of this penthouse condo on the beach of Santa Monica (even though it was pretty excellent)…I was too taken by the views. After all, this Santa [...]

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This Month in Real Estate June 2010

by WestsideDB June 24, 2010 Santa Monica real estate

A great primer on short sales and what’s happening in real estate on a national level.

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Santa Monica Homes for Sale April 2010 Wrap Up – Crawling and Sprinting

by WestsideDB May 3, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Watching the real estate market here in Santa Monica is kind of like watching a slug make its way across the street. You gotta be patient because you might miss something. And then there are those times where you gotta sprint to the finish line because timing is everything. Let’s look at the monthly data [...]

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April 2010 This Month in Real Estate

by WestsideDB April 23, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends
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Free Seminar for Distressed Santa Monica Homeowners

by WestsideDB April 19, 2010 Home Seller Seminars

I have an incredible broker who gives lots of free advice.  If you know of someone who is considering a short sale or is concerned about selling their home, this free seminar in Santa Monica is just for them.  All they have to do is register. On April 22, 2010 Marty Mead, Broker of Record [...]

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Keller Williams RED Day 2010 Giving Back to Santa Monica Community

by WestsideDB April 19, 2010 Charity

I am happy to say I work with a great company who gives back to the community.  If you are able to donate some food to support our cause, please let us know. In connection with RED Day, Keller Williams Santa Monica & Pacific Palisades are holding a food drive to support the Westside Food [...]

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March 2010 Stats for Santa Monica Homes for Sale

by WestsideDB April 6, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Last Month’s Santa Monica homes for sale stats show some interesting activity.  1 in 3 homes sold last month and almost half are pending while still, very little inventory exists on the market.  This data is for all of Santa Monica, including the luxury market North and South of Montana.  If you are interested in [...]

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Name this Sunset Park House and Win a Starbucks Gift Card

by WestsideDB March 31, 2010 Humor

I was doorknocking the neighborhood for clients of mine who are looking to buy in Sunset Park and found this sign on the front door. While I completely empathize and respect their wishes, I thought it would be fun to see if anyone knew this house, especially since it won’t involve paper on their doorstep [...]

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Santa Monica Sunset Park Fixers – And an Opportunity for the Right Homeowner

by WestsideDB March 20, 2010 Fresh Listings on Great Homes

I smell opportunity.  Whenever I see homes like these two, I know that someone with an ounce of smarts and know-how can turn these traditional Sunset Park homes into a gem.  Real estate for sale in Santa Monica can have all sorts of flavors – and these two need some love to bring them to [...]

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Santa Monica Canyon Broker’s Caravan Gems for the week of March 14, 2010

by WestsideDB March 17, 2010 Events

I love Tuesdays.  I get to go and look at anywhere from 15 to 20 Santa Monica homes and condos for sale.  Even with such little inventory compared to last year, there’s plenty to see in 3 hours.  This Santa Monica Canyon listing really caught my eye mostly because of the opportunity it offers to [...]

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Free Santa Monica Home Buyer Seminar

by WestsideDB March 12, 2010 Homebuyer Seminars

My Realtor association is hosting a free event for anyone interested in buying a Santa Monica home for the first time.  Its at the Santa Monica Public Library on March 27th at 11am – 12:30pm. Seating is limited, so please rsvp.  Call me if you want more information as well by clicking on the google [...]

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One of the more interesting homes I’ve seen in the Santa Monica Canyon

by WestsideDB March 12, 2010 Events

On broker’s caravan, I saw a spec home with a flavor that is so unique, I just had to blog about it.  Its a modern contemporary with a farmhouse feel for just under 4 million in the Santa Monica Canyon.  What a Santa Monica house for sale!  If you have the means, go and check [...]

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Santa Monica Feburary Real Estate Statistics

by WestsideDB March 7, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

While keeping in mind February only has 28 days this year, the monthly stats for real estate sold and for sale in Santa Monica is pretty low.  Take a look at these numbers from the Multiple Listing Service: So only 12 homes sold last month.  With 29 active, the market activity is off from last [...]

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I Want One of These! How Cool Are These Folks?

by SM mom February 24, 2010 Events

I was out meeting people in the neighborhood and found this incredible placard on someone’s house.  And you know what? It made me want to get one too.  I have no idea what it takes to be a part of the group – but I’m about to find out. Any one know these folks [...]

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January Market Stats for Santa Monica real estate

by WestsideDB February 3, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Do numbers baffle you?  Its my job to look at numbers and make sense of the real estate market in Santa Monica.  After all, my clients depend on me for trends, analysis, and letting them know of a great deal when it becomes available (or maybe even before it comes to market).  Here are the [...]

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The New FHA and How It Affects Santa Monica Real Estate

by WestsideDB January 22, 2010 FHA/Government Issues

Are you one of the fortunate ones who can get a loan with FHA?  Well, after April 5th 2010 the times they are a-changing as the song goes.  The window of opportunity is shrinking on current conditions. The Federal Housing Administration is making a few changes to its guidelines and if you are an FHA [...]

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