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Westside Real Estate Analysis for the last Ten Years – Are we over the worst of it?

by WestsideDB July 16, 2011 Culver City Information

As many of you readers know, I like to blend my blog posts a bit from cool things to do on the Westside, real estate stuff, some video for flavor and occasional goings-on in my neighborhood that I think other people should know about. I got really excited about doing this Santa Monica real estate [...]

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May 2011 Santa Monica homes for sales and condos too! What’s the market doing?

by WestsideDB June 1, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Santa Monica real estate is a fluid and efficient engine that seems to be in constant flux. If you are considering selling your Santa Monica home or buying a Santa Monica deal, check out this video for info on Santa Monica absorption rates and what is happening in our local market.

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Best places to buy in Los Angeles as an investor

by WestsideDB May 8, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

If I were thinking of buying and holding for five years minimum, looking for a potential recovery and turn-around in the real estate market, I would look in the following areas: 90016 Mid- Los Angeles The average price per foot is below current construction costs.  If you ask any contractor worth their salt, they can [...]

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Prediction: Celebrity & Wealthy homes sold quietly off the market to increase

by WestsideDB May 4, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

People are always asking me about pocket listings and quiet sales and the fact of the matter is that in this market, not a lot of pocket listings get sold.  However, I believe that there is a higher percentage of properties being sold off market, quietly that don’t show up in the MLS. Here’s my [...]

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Want Money Back from the City to Upgrade your Home? Energy Upgrade California is launching in Santa Monica

by WestsideDB April 24, 2011 Community Issues

Hey Santa Monica homeowners! There’s a great new program coming out for Santa Monica homeowners interested in being Green and saving money in the long run – Its being hosted by EcoMotion at the Santa Monica Main Library on the evening of Tuesday, April 26th.  It is a kick-off event for the Energy Upgrade California [...]

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Santa Monica Real Estate Values Over the Past Ten Years

by WestsideDB March 9, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

  I’ve been hearing a lot about us being at the bottom of the housing bubble and Santa Monica homes for sale seem to still be a valuable and sought after commodity. Alright, maybe commodity is the wrong word – sometimes people buy Santa Monica homes because they want to live near the beach, be [...]

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Keller Williams Survey – Latest Buyer and Seller Statistics and Strategies

by WestsideDB January 22, 2011 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

My company, Keller Williams has all sorts of good stuff to share, like this video. If you are a buyer in this market, or considering selling your home, you should take a minute and see the results from a recent survey. There’s compelling stuff in here. And of course, call me if you have a [...]

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Shadow Inventory – Is the Hurricane Just Off the Shore of Santa Monica?

by WestsideDB December 28, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Everyone’s a critic and an expert when it comes to forecasting the real estate market, myself included, and I’m the first to admit that I do have a crystal ball that can tell the future, it’s just that no one makes the batteries for the damn thing. I do my best to remain positive and [...]

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The Secret to Finding the Right Home and Something to Look Out For

by WestsideDB December 22, 2010 Homebuyer Seminars

This may sound canned, but……..honestly, the real secret to finding any home is finding the right Realtor to work with.   There, I said it! Buyers usually look for homes, and not an agent.  By choosing the right agent, you can find out about properties BEFORE they even come on the market.  And you can [...]

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How to Navigate Santa Monica Rent Control when Buying a Santa Monica Condo

by WestsideDB December 17, 2010 Rental Information

Have you been looking for a townhouse for sale Los Angeles?  And even more specifically, for a Santa Monica condo for sale?  Well, rent control in Santa Monica is no joke and you need to be armed with a solid Realtor by your side to help you navigate these tricky transactions.  Every time I assist [...]

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House for Sale Santa Monica – A Look at the Santa Monica Real Estate Market

by WestsideDB November 3, 2010 Santa Monica home prices

Are you looking for a Los Angeles Condominium for sale?  If you are looking in Santa Monica, check out this data I just compiled for the month of October 2010.  I like to look at the sales of homes and condos on a monthly basis to trend what’s happening in the marketplace.  I was pleasantly [...]

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Santa Monica Real Estate Agents Doorknocking – Comedy for Once!

by WestsideDB November 2, 2010 Humor

I have met a lot of you because I knock on doors the old fashioned way and ask if you have any real estate needs and if you have houses for sale in Santa Monica California.  Here in Sunset Park, there are a lot of agents running around, often times pissing off the neighbors because [...]

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Santa Monica Homes of Distinction on Caravan

by WestsideDB October 7, 2010 Events

Being a real estate agent, I get to see a lot of homes and some are dumps and some are just fabulous.  It’s fun to see how other people live and compare value, location, and price.  Here are three Santa Monica homes for sale that I saw that I wanted to share with you, mostly [...]

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September Santa Monica Real Estate Review

by WestsideDB October 4, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Looking back on September and the previous months allows me to trend what’s been happening in the local real estate market – it can help you too if you are trending and looking to time the sale of your home, or decide when is a good time to buy.  Absorption rate is the number of [...]

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Caravan Gems in Santa Monica & the Westside

by WestsideDB September 17, 2010 Events

I moved recently and have had some spotty internet at my new place so my posts have been a bit remiss.  In an effort to catch up with Tuesday’s madness, here’s what I should have posted: I saw a bunch of homes all over the Westside of LA, and these really stood out: 1. 402 [...]

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10 Best Things About Living at 2646 29th St Santa Monica

by WestsideDB September 13, 2010 Dining

I’ve had this great listing in Sunset Park Santa Monica now for about a month and have had a bunch of questions about it.  Granted, this is a higher price point for Sunset Park because its square footage and architectural significance set it apart from the pack, but time and time again, I seem to [...]

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August Santa Monica Real Estate Recap

by WestsideDB September 3, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

I get kind of excited at the end of the month.  I know, I’m a little weird because I enjoy things like Excel and Numbers and creating things that the eye can easily digest when it comes to real estate figures.  And at the end of the month, I am compelled to do a calculation [...]

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Today’s Westside Gems on Broker Caravan

by WestsideDB August 31, 2010 Fresh Listings on Great Homes

Tuesday is the day I run around and look at the inventory on the Westside for my clients.  Buyers like to know about properties before they come on the market or when I preview it for them and let them know about a great deal.  Sellers I represent like to know about new properties that [...]

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Santa Monica Based “Good Life” Has a New Project Sure to Fly Off the Shelves

by WestsideDB August 13, 2010 Events

If you are looking for a deal in Mar Vista, look no further.  The good folks at Good Life Enterprises have a new project and again, have hit it out of the park.  4333 Coolidge Ave in Mar Vista!  This incredibly well priced home is for sale at $695,000. Its a 4 bedroom, 2 bath [...]

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July in Santa Monica Real Estate Officially Heats Up

by WestsideDB August 3, 2010 Local Real Estate Statistics and Trends

Even though the June gloom seems to not exactly be burning off this summer season, the Real Estate Market is heating up quite nicely.  I’ve been pouring over data about Santa Monica real estate and have found that our absorption rate is rapidly climbing month over month since January 1.  What’s Absorption Rate?  Its the [...]

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