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365 Things to Do in Santa Monica and The Westside of Los Angeles – Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk

by WestsideDB May 31, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

Venice Beach California not only has some of the most incredible selections of Venice real estate, it has one of the biggest tourist draws – Venice Beach boardwalk.  On the south end of the beach, is the Washington Pier and as you cruise on up north, like in this video, you can take in the [...]

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Single Bag Ban ENFORCEMENT coming soon – Will it be Martial Law in Santa Monica?

by WestsideDB March 14, 2011 Green

Santa Monica City Council unanimously passed a new law to prohibit single use plastic and paper bags in Santa Monica on February 8, 2011. I think it’s a pretty good idea and now, they’re planning on ENFORCING the law starting September 1, 2011. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been bringing my bags to [...]

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#20 WestsideDB’s 365 things to do in Santa Monica and the Westside – Gourmet Food Trucks on 31st Street

by WestsideDB January 17, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

I’m always looking for interesting and unique things going on in the area and today was no different, I ran across these great “food trucks” (for lack of a better word) that have all sorts of variety to choose from for just about any appetite. Check out my quick video below and have a look [...]

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#12 WestsideDB’s 365 Things to Do in Santa Monica – Santa Monica Place

by WestsideDB October 21, 2010 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

I’ve been avoiding the Santa Monica place until the hub-bub died off.  When it opened last month it seemed like everyone in Santa Monica was swarming the downtown area.  Finally, I got a chance to check out this open air mall and have to say I am impressed.  I’ve never been one for shopping, but [...]

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