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Santa Monica Real Estate Agents Doorknocking – Comedy for Once!

by WestsideDB November 2, 2010 Humor

I have met a lot of you because I knock on doors the old fashioned way and ask if you have any real estate needs and if you have houses for sale in Santa Monica California.  Here in Sunset Park, there are a lot of agents running around, often times pissing off the neighbors because [...]

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Guess this Santa Monica Location and Win a $20 Gift Card to the Store of your Choice

by WestsideDB September 27, 2010 Humor

I walk around my Santa Monica neighborhood a lot.  In fact, its a pretty walkable city – check out to see how walkable your neighborhood is. Anyway, here’s a mural I found that’s in a secret location.  Guess the street and location, and I’ll send you a $20 gift card to the local store [...]

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Mortise the Tortoise Found Today on Open House Caravan

by WestsideDB July 6, 2010 Humor

I was out today looking at homes for sale and found this poor guy.  He is entering his golden years (he’s 50) and will need a home soon.  I believe he’s an African tortoise and he’s about two feet wide. The owners have a short sale on their hands and will be unable to take [...]

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Name this Sunset Park House and Win a Starbucks Gift Card

by WestsideDB March 31, 2010 Humor

I was doorknocking the neighborhood for clients of mine who are looking to buy in Sunset Park and found this sign on the front door. While I completely empathize and respect their wishes, I thought it would be fun to see if anyone knew this house, especially since it won’t involve paper on their doorstep [...]

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