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365 Things to Do in Santa Monica and The Westside of Los Angeles – Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk

by WestsideDB May 31, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

Venice Beach California not only has some of the most incredible selections of Venice real estate, it has one of the biggest tourist draws – Venice Beach boardwalk.  On the south end of the beach, is the Washington Pier and as you cruise on up north, like in this video, you can take in the [...]

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#23 Westside DB’s 365 Things To Do in Santa Monica – Annenberg Community House Beach Tour

by WestsideDB February 11, 2011 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE “Back at the Beach” next to the Annenberg Community House! My own secret “country club” that my family and I can enjoy for hours at a very reasonable rate.  I wrote about it awhile ago for spring break, which is now just around the corner again.  It’s [...]

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#8 – WestsideDB’s 365 Things to Do in Santa Monica – The Ferris Wheel!

by WestsideDB October 1, 2010 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

I know you’ve seen it.  Even if you don’t live here in Santa Monica, you’ve undoubtedly seen this icon – 9 stories tall and the only solar powered ferris wheel in the world.  You’ve seen it if you watch the opening shots of NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno, American Idol or ABC’s Private Practice.  [...]

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#7 – WestsideDB 365 Things to Do in Santa Monica – GLOW 2010

by WestsideDB September 21, 2010 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

While I’ve never been to Burning Man, I went to GLOW last year and was humbled by creativity and innovation that artists have created on the Santa Monica Beach. I imagine that if GLOW trips you out, Burning Man would knock you into a different wavelength altogether. It’s a great event happening on this Saturday [...]

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#1 Things to Do in Santa Monica – Go to The Beach Already!

by WestsideDB August 30, 2010 365 Things to do in Santa Monica

As a part of a new thread here on SamoLive, we are sharing over 365 things to do in Santa Monica, most of them free too! Since we are just a few days away from the end of summer, and the June Gloom has finally burned off, our first post is dedicated to one of [...]

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Santa Monica Broker’s Caravan Wet Dream

by WestsideDB June 29, 2010 Beach Activities

I wish I could figure out how to spend a week in this place for sale.  I mean, I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of the insides of this penthouse condo on the beach of Santa Monica (even though it was pretty excellent)…I was too taken by the views. After all, this Santa [...]

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Spring Break in Santa Monica and Annenberg’s Got Your Back

by WestsideDB March 31, 2010 Beach Activities

Spring at the Beach House Spring is here! Celebrate the warmer weather and longer days by spending the day at the pool, or by jumping into a dance workshop with our Artist in Residence choreographer Holly Rothschild. Spring Break Splash! The pool will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday April 2, 3, 4 from 11am-3pm [...]

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Cha Cha Chicken is ChaChing! Best Bets for the Beach

by WestsideDB September 17, 2009 Beach Activities

I had the distinct pleasure to stay home with the kids today since they were feeling a little under the weather the night previous.  A romp at the Santa Monica beach, and then a block straight up Pico Blvd for some free parking at Cha Cha Chicken to soothe the hungry beasts. I haven’t been [...]

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Annenberg and The Big Secret

by WestsideDB August 20, 2009 Beach Activities

The Secret is, at “Back on the Beach” you can enjoy company and a good meal while watching your young kids play on the playground.  Then when the meal finally comes and they are tuckered out, everyone can enjoy a meal together.  And the best part?  They eat and then go out and play again!  [...]

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